Get your green on…

March 16, 2010

Hy guys!  I feel terrible about not updating since valentines day. But here I am. 😀 So guess what holiday is tomorrow? St. Patrick day! Thank goodness we have a holiday in march. So far (where I live ) We had 1 beautiful week. And what is just ending now, Rain. But back to the topic…yay!

Here’s some St. Patricks day tips! (outfit wise)

-WEAR GREEN [stating the obvious]

-Keep it minimal. Don’t wear green pants, shirt, and earrings too.

-check out a shamrock broach. They are in my opinion very cute, and make every outfit a little more (tastefully) festive

-Pinch others if they are not wearing green [one again..]

-A good color pallete to remember is green, gold, white, and like a flowery purple or pink design. (floral I mean)

I’ll talk to you guys later

…I promise 🙂

xoxo Style by grace


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